My windshield broke and I'm not sure if my insurance covers it. Can you find that out for me?
Yes! We are happy to contact your insurance company and help you set up the claim.
Do you guarantee your auto glass installation against leaks?
Yes! We offer a one-year guarantee against leakage under normal wear and tear conditions, provided there is no pre-existing rust or corrosion on the vehicle’s frame at the time of service.
How long will it take to replace my auto glass?
This depends on the nature of the repairs as well as how busy we are that day. Before starting your job, we'll provide you with a time estimate so that you may plan your day.
My power window doesn't work. Can Richmond Auto Glass fix it?
Yes! We repair power window motors, rear view mirrors, and other auto accessories. It’s fairly typical for us to be able to repair mechanisms that other shops could not.
How long should I wait after an auto glass installation to get my car washed?
We recommend at least 2 to 3 days for hand washing and a week before using a commercial car wash to allow the adhesives to completely dry.
What is mobile service?
If you can't get to our shop, we will bring our service to you. Call (718) 273-8889 to schedule an appointment.
I have a small crack in my windshield. Can Richmond Auto Glass just fix it and not replace the entire glass?
Yes! For a fee that's significantly lower than a new windshield, we repair cracks on your existing car windshield. Please contact us to evaluate your rock chip and we will let you know if it’s repairable.
What's the story behind the cow?
Betsy has been out to pasture at Richmond Auto Glass for decades. She serves as a landmark and makes it easy for customers to find our shop.
How do I get served by Richmond Auto Glass?
Call (718) 273-8889 to make an appointment.


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