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Windshield Repair

Why do thousands of Staten Island residents each year trust Richmond Auto Glass with replacing their windshields and other auto glass? It's simple—quality glass installation, friendly customer service, and competitive prices.

Call us for a price quote: (718) 273-8889.

Water Leaks

We are experts at diagnosing hard-to-find water leaks, even when the leak wasn’t caused by the glass (a lot of people assume a leak is from a window, but that’s often not the case). It’s difficult to diagnose the cause of a leak, but we are highly skilled at finding and fixing water leaks from all kinds of causes.

Headlight and Tail Light Replacement

It's dangerous (and illegal) to drive with broken headlights or tail lights. We will provide a quality replacement of these lights for you.

Window, Mirror and Door Repairs

Our staff are trained mechanics skilled at repairing or replacing automotive accessories including:

  • rock chip repairs to windshields (we offer rock chip repairs at a low $65+ tax, in-shop only)
  • rear and sideview mirrors
  • automatic door locks and window mechanisms
  • electrical problems related to windows

If you need your auto glass replaced or a window mechanism repaired, call us at (718) 273-8889.

Windshield Wipers

Faulty wiper blades are a safety hazard. Many customers choose to have us replace the wiper blades while at the shop for auto glass repair/replacement. Call us at (718) 273-8889 to schedule an appointment.


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